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‘Made in Oregon’ Store Chain to Feature Educational Learning Toy Called HandMoto


‘Made in Oregon’ Store Chain to Feature Educational Learning Toy Called HandMoto

Retail chain store ‘Made in Oregon’ will be featuring a new eco-friendly, non-electronic, learning toy created and manufactured by a Portland-based team of educational professors, teachers, and business leaders. The company states that by integrating more ‘moto-time’ into a child’s developmental years, parents are protecting their children from the negative effects of continual usage of electronics. HandMoto provides a way to practice writing skills and learn with no waste of paper, making the HandMoto a truly green and sustainable product. The company presently has four product lines; Math, Spelling, Coloring, and Puzzles/Games.

custom dry erase coloring drawing game

Moto will soon be offering their newest product, the ‘Life Skills Assessment Series’ or LSAS. Moto’s team believes the LSAS will be disruptive to the entire educational K-12 system, where children are now more than often discouraged over what they are not good at, rather than encouraged with what they are good at.

HandMoto’s LSAS will systematically build on key milestones while providing highly engaging activities for children. HandMoto provides age-appropriate activities to build on the following domains: Cognitive, Language, Physical and Social/Emotional.

custom dry erase kids puzzles games

The company’s unique system builds on children’s natural curiosity to explore their world while systematically developing the whole child by focusing on key domains essential for optimizing each child’s potential. Unlike most of the other educational products on the market, HandMoto positions children as creators in their learning environment, rather than simply users of content. HandMoto is highly engaging for children.

Moto Sign and Media Corporation utilize the latest research in neuroscience to create activities which develop and enhance connections in a child’s brain. Children are not passive consumers as is so often the case with digital technology, but children actively participate while building on critical development processes for success. Children can easily use Moto and work through each activity without help from a parent.


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HandMoto is proud to be a new educational learning product now offered at Made in Oregon. The HandMoto was created and being manufactured in Portland, Oregon.


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