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New Spring 2018 Items for Cat Ladies and Makeup Lovers on connorclaire.com – Makeup and Beauty Blog

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When I’m not at my tabby’s beck and call, I do other things…like baking (or trying to), watching The Voice, or Humans 2.0, or The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, or designing tees for connorclaire.com.

Yes, I have an online store.

I KNOW! It has been a tad neglected for a while, but I just launched some new products I’m really excited about. Purr-usual, most are for my fellow cat ladies and makeup lovers.

There are some new clothes and accessories, too! I’m currently living in The Makeup Nerd Sweatshirt (New 2018 Version). It’s cute, cozy, soft, and the purple accent just happens to be on trend this year (purple is also my favorite color). Plus, it’s black and goes with everything (bonus: also conceals most colors of cat fur pretty well).

I’m also loving the new Lipstick Hearts iPhone Case, and I think you would, too. I used real lipsticks to draw the hearts, and you can actually see the texture of the waxy bullets in the print…which I think is kinda cool.

Connor, by the way, insists on wearing the Future Crazy Cat Lady ensemble every chance she gets.

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