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If You Plan to Shop During Tonight's New Moon, Buy This


Here’s (arguably) the best news about tonight’s new moon: If you’ve been feeling even the slightest bit of regret for not setting fresh intentions for the New Year, tonight’s the perfect time to start. At least that’s the advice we got from someone who knows a lot more about this evening’s celestial happenings than we do—astrologer Natalia Benson—and who gave us some helpful advice to make the most of it. That includes what you stock your closet with, as well.

“New moons are always what’s considered a fresh start in the lunar cycle,” Benson tells us. But considering this one happens to be in Capricorn, “the most work-driven of the signs,” it’s especially fitting that you should approach this opportunity as one that’s a “new beginning,” she advises.

>Capricorns are “#girlboss status,” says Benson of this evening’s moon phase. Therefore, should you be scanning your favorite e-commerce site, keep your eyes peeled for something in the same spirit. “Stylistically put yourself into something that makes you feel empowered and bossy; think shoulder pads and chic pantsuits. New moons can be quite magical in terms of calling things into our lives, so dress the part of your goal and intention even if you aren’t directly experiencing it right now,” she says.

Not in the mood to spend your hard-earned cash? That’s fine too. “Do a comb-through of your closet and donate anything that doesn’t feel up to par with your goals or where you feel you are moving this year,” Benson adds.