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Roman Revolutionaries – Beach Day Is Finally On The Way


Roman Revolutionaries – Beach Day Is Finally On The Way Monday, December 2, 2019 United States


Brad Geiger, author of the groundbreaking work Suggestions For Automatics, and the musical force behind Tom Rawling’s Old Ladies Peep Show, is releasing a musical album titled Roman Revolutionaries – Beach Day.

Roman Revolutionaries Beach Day

Roman Revolutionaries Beach Day

A product of the Los Angeles Indie / DIY music scene, Brad Geiger is a musical artist that engages listeners with sounds originating from a wide variety of influences. Rock & Roll, Dance, Hip Hop,  Classical and Jazz music all deepen his sound palate and provide spirits that he evokes with his vibrant songwriting. Brad has created an Indie Rock Masterpiece with this album, generating a huge amount of excitement prior to its worldwide release.

Rock Music Society is releasing this album for general distribution starting spring 2020.

The album truly does carry that weight which Indie artists the likes of The Decemberists, Of Montreal, Bright Eyes have gathered and Brad Geiger shines with tones reminiscent of The Beatles, Oasis and Coldplay on this release.

Fans are encouraged to stream the album using their favorite streaming service, prior to its arrival in stores. They can also reach out to the artist on social media portals, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Brad Geiger

Brad Geiger

Honed through years of musical study, Brad’s craft has reached stratospheric heights and enabled him to produce phenomenal work in extremely short amounts of time.

Brad grew up living in 7 towns in The US, and went to high school at Reno High School in Reno, Nevada. He is a counselor alumnus of the famous Tumbleweed Day Camp in Los Angeles, California. Brad spent many years traveling in America, Europe, and Australia. After living overseas for 3 years, Brad Geiger came back in The United States, and was very excited to continue his musical career stateside, releasing Tom Rawling’s Old Ladies Peep Show, and Tom Rawling’s Old Ladies Peep Show Too, in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

He now lives in Sheridan, Wyoming, near The Bighorn Mountains and the filming location for the show Longmire.

Look for Roman Revolutionaries – Beach Day at major retailers soon!











Twitter: @TheBradGeiger

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