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Safest travel wallet on the market, it is pickpocket and loss proof


Safest travel wallet on the market, it is pickpocket and loss proof

The loss of valuable documents can be both costly and inconvenient. Working in the security industry for over twenty years, I am security savvy. On one beautiful summer afternoon my friends and I drove to a local New York City Park which had several basketball courts, a bathroom and water fountain nearby, everything you need to play hard. I took off the jacket wrapped my wallet around it and placed where my friends placed their cell phones and excess baggage. Always within view, we played with a few guys that were already warmed up.

The wallet was gone by the time I finished the last game, I searched for the sake of searching but I knew it was gone. Within minutes, a credit card charge and American express fraud department called me to verify a purchase. I immediately cancelled the credit, called my banking institution to cancel the debit card, initiated fraud and identity theft alerts with the credit bureaus. Losing the one hundred dollars sixty dollars was nothing to me. Replacing the employer Identification card bothered me the most. I had to make Police complaint report, notify my employer and prepare forms to obtain another. I had to obtain another building access card which was secreted in one of the compartments of my wallet. Replacing the driver’s license required a report and a fee. Never to repeat the same mistake twice I learned from this.

I like to travel often so I was determined not to let this happen again and defitnely not outside of the United States. I do not like the popular fanny packs, it is visible to all and if you play sports it gets in the way. I do not care for the over the neck wallet, it causes a rash, bothers me when I sweat and I simply do not like nylon rope around my neck. Again, it is visible to the potential criminal. The pickpocket proof concealed travel wallet is attached to the hip, so comfortable you forget you are wearing it. More comfortable then the traditional wallet, it does require that you wear a belt, which eliminates a small percentage of the population. The concealed travel wallet is a game changer, safest way to carry valuables which gives the security conscious traveler peace of mind. This is the only wallet I carry when I travel abroad and when I am going to play sports or bike ride with the guys. I do not repeat mistakes and I would not like to make it easy for the bad guys to get their filthy hands on my valuables.


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