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Selena Gomez, Thank You for These Outfit Ideas


In case you haven’t noticed, people are sort of obsessed with what Selena Gomez wears. In fact, there’s even an Instagram account (@selenascloset) dedicated to helping fans source her looks, and it boasts over 300K followers. Gomez also artfully posts many of her favorite looks on her own account, which is currently at 123 million followers and counting. And although she certainly has plenty of high-end designer pieces in her enviable wardrobe, her actual outfit formulas are quite accessible, and she often throws some affordable fast-fashion pieces in with her Louis Vuitton and Vetements.
Being one of the most famous 20-somethings in the world means that your picture is being taken constantly, so there are a lot of looks for us to choose from, but the ones below that Gomez and her stylist, Kate Young, put together have stuck with us and are just begging to be copied. So without further ado…