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SprayFan™ USB Mini Portable Air Conditioner Mist Spray Cooler

We keep it, affordable, portable and vibrant for everyone! This USB charger powered fan, can keep you cool wherever you may be, the spray of water acts as a double cool down to kill heat! From home to your office the SprayFan™ fits your needs!



The colours we provide are so simple yet so effective, the 3 colourways (Green, Blue & Pink), makes it a semi-easy choice for you to pick. Does the blue match another accessory you may have? Or does the pink just catch your eye?



The SprayFan products have been made to allow the customer to carry our fans from A to B, whether it is travelling home or heading to the office, our aim is to keep you cool along the way!

The mist which is sprayed through the centre of the fan helps keep your face/ skin moist and refreshed. The spray of water acts as a double cool down to kill humidity and heat.

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