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The Uniqueness of Art


Unique Imperfect Art is all about embracing being different. Many times, in life, people are focused on finding a way to fit in. But I have learned to say, “Embrace the fact that you are different and thrive in it.”  Each art piece is designed with this in mind.  Just as each person is different with his or her own unique traits and personalities; so are each of my art designs. There are no two designs that are identically the same. The focus is to embrace the differences and celebrate being one-of-a-kind.


Although the concept seems to sound simple, it can often be challenging. When you are different or choose to do something different, you are often misunderstood and overlooked. I know this is not a good feeling but you can allow it to be a source of motivation. When you make the choice to embrace your uniqueness, you must be willing to be okay with not fitting into the crowd and sometimes even with those who are closest to you.


Unique Imperfect Art offers you the opportunity to own a piece of imperfect art that is actually perfect for you. It is imperfect in the sense that there may be imperfections or blemishes. Yet, it is unique and perfect when it speaks to you on a level that no one else can.  It is my hope that you will take the time to shop with me and embrace your uniqueness in a different but fun way.

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