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Trendy and Unique Clothing Styles Every Man Should Know


Trendy and Unique Clothing Styles Every Man Should Know

There is no denying that every outfit a man wears makes a statement, albeit intentional or not. And while we understand that not all men have time a lot of time to pay attention to their clothing statement, it takes very little effort to have a unique style. Whether it is a trendy look or perhaps a vintage look that you favor, dressing well and looking good is the goal.

There are no set rules in fashion. Every expression is unique. However, when clothing is of a good quality, good fit, and comfortable; there is no doubt they would make you feel presentable and unique.

Looking trendy makes a statement that you are enlightened, informed and have your hand on dial with the latest trends.  But the plug is you being able to make it unique. Not like what the rest of the world is doing. Those special touches that makes it unique is what we will discuss today.

Go for Color

I know most guys do not like this. It is a bold and unique statement when you wear clothing with color. Be it casual or formal wear, some splash of color instead of the unusual bland grey and monochrome. It is trendy for men to try on shirts and pants of shades of pink, greens, blue, mustard, brown and yellow and include them in your outfits. You should browse our vintage collection for exciting options.

Spice Up Your Casual Wardrobe with Some Hoodies

Over the last two decades, athleisure has been on the rise. Hoodies have become a fashion statement that is here to stay. Hoodies are worn to create a unique look of casual fashion. Now, every modern man should have at least one of this trendy menswear in your wardrobe. You could take it a step further by going for going dark, trim-fitting designer hoodie paired washed jeans or chinos. You should check out tasteful hoodies from our King’s legend collection.

Details are in the Accessories

A fashionable man is usually discreet with accessories. They have a way of bringing details into an outfit. No matter the type of clothing worn, there is always a vintage style of accessories that is trendy and conservative while giving the impression of a high fashion taste. Invest in a good collection of watches, a touch of color in scarves and pocket squares. Be sure it is in a style that suits you. But you can never go wrong with vintage designs from King’s Legend online store.

Step Up the Quality of Your Kicks

Step up your footwear game with fresh kicks. It is trendy for men to invest in some solid sneakers. They suit all styles from simple casual to business causal. Kingdom Kicks offer a wide selection of cool, unique designs for men that will accentuate your outfit. Our online store prides in our collection of vintage men’s shoes that will suit your budget and complement your high fashion vintage taste.

As long as they create an overall good appearance, you are good to go. Click on the shop icon of our blog to browse through our extensive collection of clothes, jewelries and shoes.


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